I’ve helped individuals, teams, and organizations discover what they really meant to say.


I compliment my messaging work by improving the “experience”, the missing link between strategy and success.


I incorporate principles of design thinking, improvisation, and experiential learning into all of my workshops to boost creative collaboration.


My “Stale to Fresh” keynote/workshop series improves your communications and creativity by helping you defeat the cliches.


I work with board members, executives, subject matter experts, and any professional who wants to be a better speaker, presenter, or leader.


I conduct engaging strategy and ideation sessions, drawing on my research into creativity, innovation, and brainstorming.


As a speaker and trainer, I conduct interactive learning sessions focused on my concept / example / practice model.


I take on special projects as a versatile collaborator in messaging, marketing, branding and “experience development”.



People say nice things

Patricia Kempthorne, Twiga Foundation

I shared the podium with Greg on several occasions and he was always prepared, succinct, and added humor to his presentation which engaged the group and drove home the message.

Steve McDonald, Tennessee REALTORS Assn

Our President-Elects needed a training that empowered them with the skills and knowledge to represent their local association in the most favorable and positive light. Greg’s training delivered a tailored presentation that fit the specific needs of our incoming leadership and allowed them precious opportunity to practice their newly learned craft in a supportive environment.

Dr. Catherine Lada, Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives

Greg is a highly skilled communicator and strategist. While working for me at ACCE, he conceived of and led a very successful re-design of the organization’s newsletter, turning it into a magazine full of relevant and interesting content for chamber of commerce executives. He also took on the creation of a fellowship program, managing it well from start to finish, in addition to reading the materials himself to build his own subject matter expertise. He successfully grew member engagement, and overall would be an asset to any organization

Warren Brown, Association of Public Data Users

APDU’s messaging to our membership and potential members was tired and off target. Greg guided the APDU Board and staff as we refreshed our brand, appealed to new audiences, and improved the content of our communications and marketing instruments. His talent and vision were an integral part of our successful revitalization.

Michelle Young Hodges, Belle Island Conservatory

Greg’s strength is his ability to lend wisdom and refined insight into whatever matter is at hand. As we deliberated challenges and issues associated with the chamber of commerce profession, Greg had a capacity to quickly crystallize the issue, and begin the problem solving process.

Kacy Paide, Inspired Office

Greg has given me constructive feedback on many occasions. He has the unique ability to grasp the entire feel of your talk, not just the delivery of the words. If you’re looking to boost your own public speaking skills, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Greg’s watchful eye to make your next talk an exceptional one!